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We prioritize protecting what matters most to you. Our committed team of experienced advisors, along with a variety of comprehensive coverage options, is here to guide you through the complexities of insurance. Our goal is to ensure the security of your future.

About People First Insurance Family

Our Story

Welcome to People First Insurance Family in Lake Charles, where your security is our highest priority. Nestled in the heart of Louisiana, our dedicated team champions the cause of comprehensive protection against financial upheavals. Specializing in various insurance products, including auto, home, life, and business insurance, we are dedicated to educating our clients and empowering them with the tools they need for robust coverage.

Our agency is more than just a provider; we are a partner in protecting your dreams and aspirations. Whether you're a homeowner seeking to secure your property, a new driver aiming for reliable auto coverage, or a business looking to fortify against unforeseen risks, our agents are here to guide you with personalized solutions. At People First Insurance Family, we carefully design insurance plans to meet your requirements and budget, ensuring that you and your loved ones feel confident and protected.

Located at Lake Charles, LA 70601, we invite you to reach out today at 337-735-3911 or via email at service@peoplefirstfamily.com. Join our community of protected members and experience insurance that truly puts People, Families, and Communities first. Together, let's build a safer tomorrow.

We serve as your reliable independent insurance agency.

The Advantages of Working with Us

Easy Switching

Switch without hassle and find the most suitable insurance

One-stop shopping experience

You will be able to find multiple companies and wide options

Unbiased Advice

We don’t represent one company and can give you multiple options to choose from

Personalized service

Higher quality customer care than big corporate companies

Your advocate

We help all the way from policy reviews to claims assistance

24/7 Client Center

Questions about your insurance? We're here to ensure you have the right protection.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide unparalleled insurance solutions that empower individuals and businesses to navigate life's uncertainties with confidence. We are committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, innovative products, and unwavering integrity, ensuring our clients' peace of mind in an ever-changing world.

Our Vision


Our vision at People First Insurance Family is to be the foremost insurance provider known for pioneering industry standards, fostering trust, and embracing cutting-edge technologies. We aspire to be a trusted partner, anticipating and meeting the evolving needs of our diverse clientele, while continuously striving for excellence in all aspects of our operations.

Building Trust, Providing Protection for Life

We're all about building solid relationships founded on trust and reliability. Our devoted agents and staff put in the effort to nurture these connections, ensuring we provide 'Protection for Life.' Life brings different seasons, each with its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Whether you're an individual, a family, or a business owner, we're here to be your steadfast support. From comprehensive insurance coverage to personalized financial planning, our commitment is unwavering. With us, you can trust you have a dedicated partner for all of life's twists and turns.

Secure your peace of mind with us. Reach out today to start your journey to lasting protection. Our team is here to create personalized solutions for you. Don't wait – ensure your future now.

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Our commitment is to provide unparalleled customer service and exceptional value.
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